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Wayne's Window Washing

So Your Home Has Dirty Windows?

You have two options: you can spend all day cleaning them yourself with glass cleaner and paper towels, hanging out the window, or you can hire one of the best residential window cleaners in the Milaca, Princeton & Mora, Minnesota area. The choice is yours.

Wayne's Window Washing

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Cleaning your home windows is a challenging task. For many homes, you will be climbing up and down extension ladders for hours, trying to carry all your tools with you, and moving that ladder from window to window, sometimes on uneven surfaces. Using ladders without experience can be very dangerous, since there is a risk for falling.

Waynes Window Washing

Relax and Enjoy the View.

Everyone has tried to fix something themselves, only to call the pros later, after wasting much time, and eventually paying more than they wanted. Maybe it was your car, computer, or some kind of appliance. Window cleaning is no different. Let me save you time and money now, rather than later.

Service Areas:

Milaca (including surrounding cities and towns), Princeton and Mora, Minnesota.